By integrating immunoassay and chemistry testing on a single platform along with advanced technologies like CHEMIFLEX and FlexRate, the ARCHITECT ci4100 can offer your laboratory the same robust science that larger-volume labs employ.

Put science on your side.

Refer to the Operations manual for operational precautions, limitations and hazards. Refer to assay instructions for use for the latest product speci cations. manuals and instructions for use can be found on

Seamless Integration
• Immunoassay and clinical chemistry testing on a single platform
• ≤0.1 ppm (insigni cant level) sample-to- sample carryover

Accurate Results Fast
• Throughput up to 800 chemistry tests and 100 immunoassay tests per hour†
• Immediate sTAT processing
• up to seven customizable priority bays

Easy to Operate
• Intuitive software with a single interface
• Access to reagents, samples and supplies

While system is in process
• Multiple tube types and sizes
• Expanded calibration and QC capabilities

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All ARCHIteCt analyzers are Class 1 laser Products.