The ACCELERATOR a3600 is a total laboratory automation system, designed to meet the challenges of clinical laboratories, both today and in the future. The ACCELERATOR a3600 combines con guration exibility, scalability and advanced analytical performance, ensuring the unique needs of your laboratory are met. Automation maximizes lab performance by easily and ef ciently managing uctuations in your daily workload. Whether your challenges are simple or complex, the ACCELERATOR a3600 provides a customized automation solution that optimizes performance and quality, ensuring your laboratory services operate at maximum ef ciency.

The ACCELERATOR a3600 provides your laboratory with the performance necessary to ensure high quality patient care, using unsurpassed con gurability and speed.

  • Pedictable and consistent result turnaround times are achieved even during the busiest periods.
  • All ACCELERATOR a3600 systems handle multiple tube sizes and types simultaneously so there is no need to standardized tubes.
  • Sample pathway traceability is accomplished using Radio Frequency Identi cation (RFID) tagged sample carriers, which are matched to the sample barcodes.
  • The throughput of each module is optimized for performance and there can be be several of each module type on a track to meet individual laboratory needs.


Input/Output Module (IOM)

  • STAT sample prioritization with dedicated priority lanes.
  • Ensures ef ciency with a common sample input and output area.
  • Quick and accurate sample identi cation.
  • Easy access to samples with exceptions or problems.
  • Easily con gured and identi ed capped/uncapped and spun/un- spun sample lanes.
  • Capacity of 720 samples (15 racks of 48 tubes each) plus 60 samples (5 racks of 12 tubes each) for priority and exception handling.
  • Up to 800 tubes/hour throughput

Rack Input Module (RIM)

  • Additional loading capacity.
  • Ensures maximum system capacity and throughput. Increased walk-away time.
  • Walkaway capacity of up to 6 racks with 48 tubes each.

Bulk Input Module (BIM)

  • Saves time with quick, bulk sample loading onto the system.
  • No need for sample racks.
  • Ensures maximum system capacity and throughput.
  • Walkaway capacity of up to 700 capped sample tubes.


  • Prioritizes STAT sample processing.
  • Automatic balancing ensures proper performance.
  • Multiple centrifuges are possible with independent settings to ensure optimized performance.

Decapping Module (DM)

  • Increases productivity by eliminating repetitive tasks.
  • Reduces opportunities for errors
  • Up to 800 tubes/ hour throughput.






  • Allows customized solutions to meet individual laboratory needs.
  • Optimizes use of space.
  • Saves cost and minimizes the need for renovations


  • Ensures ef cient sample routing.
  • Eliminates unnecessary sample lapping.
  • Improves sample result turnaround time.

Sealer Module (SM)

  • Automatically seals primary tubes.
  • Reduces exposure to biohazards.
  • Ensures sample quality during storage.
  • Heat sealed.
  • Airtight seal.
  • Up to 800 tubes/hour throughput

Rack Output Module (ROM)

  • Provides additional capacity for unloading samples.
  • Flexibility in sample routing, depending on lab speci c needs.
  • Ensures maximum system capacity and throughput.
  • Walkaway capacity of up to 6 racks with 48 tubes each.

Storage and Retrieval Module (SRM)

  • Increases ef ciency with automated storage retrieval and disposal.
  • Improves sample location and retrieval times to reduce result turnaround times.
  • Multiple modules are possible to ensure storage needs are met.
  • Two options holding 9,216 and 15,360 sample tubes provide storage solutions to maximize your lab space.
  • Refrigerated at 4°C.
  • Automatic and customizable disposal of samples.

Desealer Module (DSM)

  • Automatically removes seals from sample tubes.
  • Reduces exposure to biohazards.
  • Ensures timely sample processing.
  • Up to 350 tubes/hour throughput

Aliquoter Module

  • Up to 4 aliquot tubes per presentation.
  • Up to 500 tubes/hour throughput.
  • Disposable pipette tips ensure no sample-to-sample carryover.
  • Automatic secondary tube labelling.
  • Reduces opportunities for errors.
  • Reduces exposure to biohazardous material.
  • Automated secondary tube recapper module is available.


The modular design of the ACCELERATOR a3600 ensures that the system can grow as your testing needs increase. The scalability of the system allows you to add new modules and systems over time or as your needs require. The ACCELERATOR a3600 offers a number of customizable con gurations that can be created.
Below are just two examples of modular systems that can be designed for you.

Each system can integrate up to 99 modules and instruments for unsurpassed scalability. A track throughput of up to 3,600 tubes per hour, provides absolute con dence that your laboratory can meet the challenges of increasing workloads both now and in the future.


ARCHITECT systems for integration with ACCELERATOR automation solutions.

The true measure of a successful design lies in how well it ts its users’ needs.

ARCHITECT has proven itself as a true leader in clinical and immunochemistry, with advanced technology and superior assay dynamics. All ACCELERATOR solutions start with the foundational bene ts of ARCHITECT.

We have combined the power of the ARCHITECT system into ACCELERATOR. Together they make an exceptional team, creating a uni ed and comprehensive automation solution for improvements in costs, performance and ef ciency.

Future developments include the addition of the CELL-DYN Sapphire Hematology analyzer and CELL-DYN Slide Maker Stainer to the ACCELERATOR a3600 automation system, which will further increase the productivity and performance of your laboratory.

Selected third party systems may be available for integration on to the ACCELERATOR a3600. Ask your local Abbott Sales Representative for more information.

Automation Solutions

Scalable automation solutions to meet your needs
Whether you need stand-alone, high performance analytical systems or full track automation, Abbott Diagnostics can meet your needs with solutions designed to be both versatile and efficient.

Paired with Abbott’s analytical and automation systems, our informatics products offer a compelling solution for laboratories looking to optimize work ow and deliver results, both today and tomorrow.

From test throughput to uptime requirements to patient result turnaround times, your laboratory has specific needs.
Abbott Diagnostics has the resources and solutions to meet those needs.

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All Abbott systems are supported by AbbottLink. AbbottLink is software that transmits instrument performance information to Abbott’s service operations through the Internet, enhancing the remote identi cation and rapid resolution of technical issues on select analyzers.

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